Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Do you read me?

I'm excited to announce that I've written and published my first book, a tragicomic memoir called Hell Toupee. The story centers around my decision to try out hair replacement in 1993. It did not go well.

It took me three years of slaving over a hot word processor, but it was all worth it. At least, I hope it was. That would really be up to you to decide by reading it. (hint, hint) Please check it out as either a paperback or an ebook. Each purchase comes with a funny back guarantee.

If just one book wasn't enough, I've also simultaneously published another one -- Totally Tuneless. After 30 years of writing songs, with the lyrics often being the part I'm most proud of, I felt like an anthology was in order. 

It has the words from 124 of my songs, including 23 of which have never been recorded or released. My music tends to fall into the category of 'an acquired taste,' so if you're not interested in scoping out a new acquisition, this book would be the perfect tool for avoidance. Also available as a paperback and ebook.