Friday, March 11, 2011


In late 2008 I released my last album entitled GAME SHOW TEETH. I'm very proud of it, and especially happy that so many people have enjoyed it. It got a bunch of lovely reviews, and a nice bit of airplay on internet radio.

If you've happened upon this page through my site, then you already know that there is a whole site devoted entirely to the album, which can be accessed below. Feel free to pay it a visit.

Although my means of making a living has been as a video editor, I had never considered making a music video for any of my hundred or so recorded songs until GAME SHOW TEETH. The opening track, "This Is a Song" pretty much screamed out for one, and when I had an idea I thought was appropriate for the meta-ness of the song, I made my first music video. I even attempted a form of half-assed animation for the first time too. You can find the video on the web site, but I also posted it on youtube.

Much to my bemusement and surprise, in late January of 2010 I suddenly received a bunch of emails indicating that comments had been left on the youtube video. They led me to discover that former American Idol winner David Cook had posted a link to the video on his twitter page. Apparently he writes his own songs and tweeted "So, on occasion, I'm asked how I go about writing. This video explains it adequately." Up until that point my video had been on youtube for one full year and had been viewed about 700 times. In less than 24 hours after David linked to it, my video received close to 7000 more views, as well as about 50 very positive comments, mostly from 12-15 year old girls. It was very amusing and flattering. If only I could have received the attention and admiration of 12-15 year old girls when I was 12-15 years old, but I digress . . .

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